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Everett Stern
Stern Original.jpg
Republican candidate for
United States Senate
Election date
Primary: April 26, 2016
General Election: November 8, 2016
Opponent(s)Pat Toomey (R)
IncumbentPat Toomey
Personal details
BornNew York City, New York
United States
Political partyRepublican
ResidencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Alma materStetson University (MBA)
OccupationIntelligence Director

Everett A. Stern is a whistleblower, politician, and the intelligence director of Tactical Rabbit, Inc. He is best known for his actions in an HSBC money laundering scandal, where he uncovered billions of dollars in illegal money laundering transactions, which led to an SEC investigation and a $1.92 billion fine against HSBC in 2012.

Early life and education[edit]

Everett Stern was born in New York City.[1] He graduated from Wellington High School in Wellington, FL in 2002. He graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts (BA) degree from Florida Atlantic University in 2008.[2] Stern sought a position with the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine service, but was turned down shortly before graduating.[3][4] He earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Stetson University in central Florida in May 2010.[5]


Money laundering scandal[edit]

In October 2010 Stern took a position as an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance officer for HSBC in their New Castle, Delaware office where he monitored the bank's Middle Eastern transactions.[4][3][6] Stern identified many suspicious transactions tied to terrorist groups in the Middle East, such as Hamas and Hezbollah.[7] Specifically, he uncovered a multinational money-laundering network that generated millions of dollars for Hezbollah through the Lebanese brothers Ali, Husayn, and Kassim Tajideen through their Gambia-based company, Tajco Ltd.[8] Stern sent numerous alerts and was repeatedly ignored by his HSBC supervisor.[9] After several such episodes, Stern made contact with the FBI and CIA, which began to investigate HSBC. Self-directed, Stern continued to collect and pass information to the CIA regarding HSBC's blatant abuse and manipulation of wire filters to approve illegal wire transfers. He left HSBC in October 2011.[3][10] By the summer of 2012, the inquiry had broadened to the bank's money laundering operations in the Middle East, Mexico, Iran, Sudan, and North Korea.[11][12][13][14]

A July 2012 congressional report found that from 2001 through 2010, HSBC had "exposed the U.S. financial system to a wide array of money laundering, drug trafficking, and terrorist financing risks due to poor anti-money laundering controls."[15]

In December 2012, HSBC came to a settlement with U.S. authorities which required it to pay a record $1.92 billion fine, as well as improve its anti-money laundering controls, in exchange for a deferment of criminal prosecution for five years.[16][17]

In February 2013, Everett Stern was first featured as the HSBC whistleblower in Rolling Stone magazine in the article Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail.[18]

In February 2018, Stern was featured as the HSBC whistleblower in the Netflix series Dirty Money.[4][19]


Stern reached a resignation agreement from his position with HSBC in October 2011. After being "blacklisted" from the financial community Stern began working at a P.F. Chang's restaurant as a server.[20] Stern self-funded and launched the private intelligence agency Tactical Rabbit in the following year. In March 2013, Stern and the law firm Berger & Montague submitted evidence collected by Stern to the SEC that HSBC had continued to violate anti-money laundering regulations through October 2011, when Stern's employment with HSBC ended.[20] In August 2013, Stern joined with an Occupy Wall Street working group called Alternative Banking to further publicize his allegations against HSBC.[21][22] At a protest held on August 29, 2013 in New York City, Stern publicly alleged that HSBC had committed anti-laundering violations through the end of his employment in 2011, and asked that the government re-open the case against HSBC.[20][23][24]

In December 2013, HSBC reached a settlement with the U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control regarding funds that had been transferred to financiers of the terrorist organization Hezbollah between December 2010 and April 2011. HSBC was required to pay $32,400. The Treasury department stated that this settlement was "unrelated to the bank's December 2012 agreement."[25] Stern has continued to speak publicly through the media about his HSBC allegations, especially as they relate to the funding of terrorist groups and activities[9][23][26]

Tactical Rabbit[edit]

Stern founded Tactical Rabbit with the intention of "exposing wrongdoing" in financial and corporate institutions.[27]

In May 2015, Stern conducted an investigation into the closing of Sweet Briar College. Stern held a press conference on May 9, 2015, at the college and alleged that the companies' intelligence operation revealed fraud.[28] Stern pleaded for the American public and the FBI to get involved. Stern noted that "Saving Sweet Briar is not a Virginia problem, but it is a national problem requiring all Americans to act." In May 2015 Stern issued a public letter to FBI Director James Comey asking for an FBI investigation into his company's findings on the closing of the college.[29][30][31]

In February 2018, Stern sent a notice to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office regarding one of its deputies allegedly posting racist and offensive content on social media accounts dating back to 2013 recommending that deputy be fired.[32] Subsequently, the Sheriff's Department completed their investigation and the deputy was fired, according to a sheriff's spokesperson.[33][34]

In 2018, Stern received a tip that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) had paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in incorrect Medicaid reimbursements over a six-year period because a claims payment system had been disabled. After obtaining internal MDHHS emails through the Freedom of Information Act, Stern discovered that a health agency employee had intentionally turned off the computer program designed to monitor home health care services. The emails show that the agency changed the computer program to "ease the burden on claims processing staff".[35]

Political career[edit]

In the fall of 2013, Stern worked with Maxine Waters, D-CA, ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, on the "Holding Individuals Accountable and Deterring Money Laundering Act", which sought to give the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network the authority to litigate on its own, and to stiffen penalties and prison sentences for bank executives involved in money laundering.[36][37][38]

In February 2014, Stern, a Republican, announced he was running for Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district in the 2014 elections.[39][40] He withdrew from the race before the April 2014 filing deadline.[41]

In April 2015, Stern announced his candidacy for United States Senate as a Republican candidate from Pennsylvania, challenging incumbent Pat Toomey for the Republican primary in the 2016 election.[42][43]


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