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Everex (formerly Everex Systems, Inc.)
Subsidiary of First International Computer, Inc. of Taiwan (Publicly Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE 3701)
Industry Computer hardware
Diversified Electronics
Founded 1983
Headquarters Fremont, CA, United States
Key people
John Lin, General Manager; Paul C. Kim, Director of Marketing
Products Notebook, Desktop, and Ultra Mobile personal computers including the eXplora, IMPACT, StepNote, gPC and CloudBook branded product lines
Website http://www.everex.com.tw/us/

Everex ("Ever for Excellence!") is a manufacturer of desktop and notebook personal computers. It was established in 1983 and headquartered in Fremont, California. The company was founded by Steve Hui, John Lee and Wayne Cheung. In 1988, Everex was the leader in tape backup sales with half the world market. By 1993, the company had slipped into bankruptcy and was acquired by the Formosa Plastics Group. On December 29, 2006 Everex Systems, Inc filed a voluntary petition for liquidation under Chapter 7[1] and in June 2008 NewMarket Technology has taken control of Everex[2]


In 1983, Everex shipped its first hard drive, tape backup and graphics product. Seven years later, with an ever expanding product line, annual revenues totaled over $436 million and the workforce topped 2,200 employees. In 1985, Everex began shipping personal computers under private labels such as the popular IBM-AT compatible System 1800. Three years later the STEP computer line launched, introducing cutting edge 286 and 386-based computing to a mass audience. In addition to computer systems, high-performance file servers and a UNIX-based operating system (ESIX), the company produced tape drives, graphics boards, data and fax modems, memory enhancement products, network boards, desktop publishing products, disk drive and tape driver controllers and monitors.

  • 1983 - Everex founded in Fremont, California[3]
  • 1984 - First Everex hard disk drive shipped
  • 1986 - 286-Based STEP line of computers launched
  • 1987 - Everex IPO under NASDAQ "EVRX"
  • 1992 - Discussed a merger with Northgate Computers but these talks failed.[4]
  • 1993 - Everex files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection [5] They sell their Esix brand to James River Group for $210,000 and their storage division to Exabyte for $5.5M.[6]
  • 1993 - Everex purchased by the Formosa Plastics Group
  • 1998 - Everex launches FreeStyle, the world's first Windows CE PDA, but abandoned the line later in the year[7]
  • 2007 - Everex launches its first 17" widescreen Vista notebook [8]
  • 2007 - Everex launches low-cost green PC Impact GC3502 running gOS[9]
  • 2007 - Everex announces plans for sub-$300 Linux notebooks[10]
  • 2008 - Everex launches a series of low cost "green" systems, the CloudBook UMPC, the gBook notebook and the gPC mini Mac mini-like desktop, all running the Ubuntu-based gOS Linux with the GNOME desktop environment.[11] Everex is later acquired by systems integrator Newmarket Technology.[12]
  • 2009 - The US subsidiary of Everex closes its doors,[13] while the Japanese and Taiwanese subsidiaries seem to remain unaffected.[14]

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