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Everfine Records is an independent record label company founded in 2001. The company's grassroots approach focuses on street team promotion, touring, tour promotion, strategic micro-marketing, artist development, and more. By creating unique campaigns for each artist, Everfine works to maintain an environment in which artists can flourish and further develop their natural talents. The record label, which is distributed by Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), the independent distribution arm of the Warner Music Group, is located in New York City.

The mission behind Everfine Records exists in the belief that Artist Development is the true driving force behind natural growth. Everfine's grassroots approach has proven to be a competitive advantage in an increasingly growing and competitive marketplace. With strategies based on the natural growth and evolution of Artists, Everfine Records has adopted a philosophy of embracing the music first, and finding that connection with the listener from the Artist's point of view. Everfine Records recognizes that every Artist is different and therefore looks to develop and target successful campaigns based on the individual Artist’s needs and goals -- the focus is to provide the Artist with the necessary tools to achieve what they determine as success. Everfine Records looks forward to collaborating with other Artists to assist in their development and growth based on this foundation of principles.

Everfine Records' featured artist, O.A.R., began as a regional phenomenon but has reached national success with their touring and record sales. The band’s catalogue contains 8 CDs including the 2004 double-disc live album 34th & 8th (Everfine Records) and the 2005 major label studio release, Stories of a Stranger (Everfine Records/Lava Records). Since joining forces with Everfine Records, O.A.R. has sold over 1,000,000 CDs and has consistently toured throughout the country.

The label is also the driving force behind the annual music festival, Feeling Better Than Everfine.