Everglades virus

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Everglades virus
CryoEM reconstruction of the Everglades Virus. EMDB entry EMD-5563[1]
Virus classification
Group IV ((+)ssRNA)
Everglades virus

Everglades virus (EVEV) is an alphavirus included in the Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus complex. The virus circulates among rodents and vector mosquitoes and sometimes infects humans, causing a febrile illness with occasional neurological manifestations.[2][3] The virus is named after the Everglades, a region of subtropical wetlands in southern Florida. The virus is endemic to the U.S. state of Florida, where its geographic range mirrors that of the mosquito species Culex cedecei.[2] Most clinical cases of infection occur in and around the city of Miami.[3]

Signs and symptoms[edit]

Symptoms of infection include:[4]


The virus is transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes of the genus Culex,[5] specifically Culex cedecei.[2][6]


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