Evergreen Cemetery (Riverside, California)

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Evergreen Memorial Park
Established 1872[1]
Location Riverside, California
Country United States
Coordinates 33°58′48″N 117°23′13″W / 33.9799°N 117.3869°W / 33.9799; -117.3869Coordinates: 33°58′48″N 117°23′13″W / 33.9799°N 117.3869°W / 33.9799; -117.3869
Type Public
No. of graves ≈ 27,000
Website Evergreen Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery Grave Locator
Find a Grave Evergreen Memorial Park
The Political Graveyard Evergreen Memorial Park
Evergreen Cemetery and Riverside Mausoleum
Official name: Evergreen Cemetery and Riverside Mausoleum
Reference no. 67[1]

Evergreen Cemetery, or Evergreen Memorial Park is a cemetery in Riverside, California, United States. The first burial occurred in 1872,[2] and the cemetery became the resting place of many historic figures of Riverside.


A portion of the current cemetery was originally set aside in 1870 when Riverside was platted. When the Riverside Cemetery Association was formed on November 11, 1873, they named the cemetery the Riverside Cemetery.[3]

In 1880 the Riverside Cemetery Association incorporated as the Evergreen Cemetery Association. In 1966 the name Evergreen Memorial Park and Mausoleum was adopted, and burials continue today in the newer sections of the cemetery under that name.[3]

The older sections of the cemetery, now named the Evergreen Historic Memorial Cemetery, were in disrepair for many years, but were restored in 2008 through a cooperative effort by concerned citizens and the city.

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