Everhard van Weede Dijkvelt

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Everard van Weede van Dijkvelt (1626, Utrecht – 6 June 1702, London) was a Dutch member of the Knighthood of Utrecht (city) and ambassador at the court of Charles II of England.[1]

He was the son of Johan van Weede en Catharina de Cupere. In 1648, he accompanied Godard van Reede, heer van Nederhorst to help with the treaty negotiations at Munster.[1] In the rampjaar 1672, he was sent to London to try to convince the English to desist from their support of the French, in which effort he was unsuccessful.[1] In 1678, he went to Brussels to negotiate a peace treaty that was finally ratified in France in 1684.[1] He died in London, and was buried in Utrecht 2 August 1702.


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