Everlife (2004 album)

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Studio album by Everlife
Released August 24, 2004
Recorded Various times
Genre Pop-Rock
Label Tovah/Shelter
Everlife chronology
Daydream: An Acoustic Album
Singles from Everlife
  1. "Evidence"
  2. "Heaven Open Your Eyes"
  3. "I'm Over It"

Everlife is the second studio album by Everlife.

This is Everlife's second studio album on Tovah/Shelterecords and was distributed by Word Distribution. Since it was a lesser known album and released by two small labels, it is considered to be an indie album and that is why the Hollywood Records release is being promoted as their second album, although this album is their second studio album.

Track listing[edit]

  • All songs written by Amber Ross, Dan Needham and Kevan Cyka. Co-writers listed below.
  1. "Heaven Open Your Eyes" 3:24
  2. "Take a Ride" (Tony Palacios) 3:43
  3. "I'm Over It" 3:33
  4. "Evidence" 4:08
  5. "Lead the Way" (Chris Omartian) 3:47
  6. "Save Me" 4:22
  7. "Even When" 3:10
  8. "Set Me Free" (Linda Ellas) 3:09
  9. "Getting Closer" (Jayden Maria, Lynn Nichols) 3:49
  10. "Angels Cry" 4:02


  • The singles released for the promotion of the album were: "Evidence", "Heaven Open Your Eyes" and "I'm Over It".
  • "I'm Over It" was included thanks to Disney Channel Records in the album "Disney Jams vol.7". This helped Everlife to start collaborating in different Soundtracks.