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Everonn Education Limited.
Public (BSE532876, NSEEVERONNEQ)
Industry Education and Training Company
Knowledge Management Company
Founded 1986 (1986)
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Website Everonn Education Limited

Everonn Education Limited is an education and training company[1] based in Chennai India.[2] Incorporated in 1987[3] Everonn's services include knowledge resources management, designing and delivering learning and training programmes, setting up infrastructure for services.[4] Currently Everonn is present in 27 states in the country with 9,897 learning centres.[5] The company operates in two segments: Instructional and Computing Technology (ICT) and Virtual Technology Enabled Learning Solutions (ViTELS).[6]

Everonn Education Limited's point of presence in India

Core Team[7][edit]

The core team of Everonn comprises the following:[8]

Name Designation
Mr. N P Mathi Lingan[9] CCO

Corporate History[edit]


  • 1997:

Everonn, then Systems International, begins providing computer education at schools.[10]

  • 2000:

Everonn Systems India Limited is established in Chennai[11]

  • 2004:

Everonn pioneers satellite-based education delivery through the VSAT platform and its virtual and real-time classrooms[12]

  • 2007:

Everonn goes public, with the company’s stock becoming oversubscribed 145 times[13]

  • 2007:

Everonn enters the Internet arena with its Web products and online entrance exam tutorials[14]

  • 2008:

Everonn begins signing MoUs with leading universities and strategic partners[15]

  • 2008:

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, inaugurates the Centre for Excellence established under Everonn’s CORPRATAS initiative

  • 2009:

Everonn enters into the student guidance arena with counseling services for those wishing to study abroad[16]

  • 2009:

Everonn became the first education company to provide education on the move through mobile phones[17]

  • 2009:

Everonn announces a change in registered name to Everonn Education Limited to emphasise operational focus[18]

  • 2009:

Everonn launches the Educating India Initiative to help establish educational institutions across the nation[19]

  • 2009:

Everonn enters the pre-school segment with the launch of its brand, Kinderstand[20]

  • 2009:

Everonn’s Global School of Business is launched at Chennai[21]

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