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Everspin Technologies
private company
Industry Semiconductors
Founded 2008
Headquarters Chandler, Arizona, USA
Website www.everspin.com

Everspin Technologies is a private semiconductor company that develops and manufactures magnetic RAM or Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM), including stand-alone and embedded MRAM products.


Everspin Technologies was formed in June 2008 as a spin out of Freescale Semiconductor. Investors include: New Venture Partners, Lux Capital, Sigma Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Epic Ventures.


  • 1984 GMR Effect discovered[1]
  • 1996 Spin Torque Transfer is proposed[2][3]
  • 1996 Motorola begins MRAM research
  • 1998 First Motorola MTJ
  • 1999 Motorola develops 256Kb MRAM Test Chip[4]
  • 2002 Toggle patent granted to Motorola[5]
  • 2004 Motorola separates semiconductor business into Freescale Semiconductor[6]
  • 2006 Industry first MRAM (4Mb) product commercially available[7]
  • 2008 Freescale Semiconductor spins out MRAM business as Everspin Technologies[8]
  • 2008 Everspin announces BGA packages, product family from 256Kb to 4Mb[9]
  • 2009 Everspin releases SPI MRAM product family[10]
  • 2009 Everspin ships first embedded MRAM samples
  • 2010 Everspin sells first million MRAMs
  • 2010 Everspin qualifies industry first embedded MRAM
  • 2010 Everspin releases 16Mb density[11][12]
  • 2011 Everspin ships its four millionth stand-alone MRAM[13]
  • 2011 Everspin ships its two millionth embedded MRAM
  • 2012 Everspin produces 64Mb ST-MRAM on a 90 nm process[14]
  • 2016 Everspin announces it started shipping 256Mb ST-MRAM samples to customers. And plans 1Gb ST-MRAM later in 2016. [15]
  • 2016 Everspin Readies Industry’s First 256Mb Perpendicular Spin Torque MRAM for Production and Begins Customers Sampling. [16]


MRAM uses the magnetism of electron spin to provide the fastest non-volatile memory with unlimited endurance. MRAM stores information in magnetic material that is integrated with silicon circuitry to deliver the speed of RAM with the non-volatility of Flash.

As the world's first volume MRAM supplier[17] for stand-alone and embedded MRAM products, Everspin has established an MRAM intellectual property portfolio of more than 600 active patents and applications, many of which are fundamental and essential for MRAM technologies including MTJ-based products.

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Everspin owns and operates a manufacturing line for its proprietary magnetic back-end-of-line wafer processing, and uses standard CMOS wafers from foundries. Everspin's current MRAM products are based on 180-nm and 130-nm process technology nodes and industry standard packages, and are shipping in volume[citation needed].


Data Center and Storage[edit]

MRAM is used in storage, server and networking applications such as RAID, NAS, SAN and DAS applications, as well as rack and blade servers and routers.[18]

Energy and Infrastructure[edit]

MRAM products have been designed into energy and infrastructure applications such as smart grid, smart meter, solar and wind applications, industrial computing and automation, and casino gaming.[19][20][21]

Automotive and Transportation[edit]

Everspin supplies MRAM products for automotive and transportation applications including power train, brakes, safety, data logging, multimedia, navigation, camera and black box. [22] [23] [24] [25]


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