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Evert Musch (Groningen, March 16, 1918 - Anloo, December 5, 2007) was a Dutch painter.

In the Drentse Aa valley near Gasteren, (1974). Oil on canvas, 62 x 73 cm, private collection.

Early life[edit]

Musch studied at Academie Minerva (1936–1940) in his hometown Groningen, where he studied under W. Valk, Arnold Willem Kort [nl] Kort[1] and C.P. de Wit. From 1947 to 1981, Musch was lecturer at the Academy Minerva, succeeding his former teacher De Wit. He was a teacher of amongst others Henk Helmantel [nl], Wim Crouwel and Martin Tissing [nl].[2] Musch married in 1943 painter Johanna (To) Jager, whom he had met at Academy Minerva. Musch was a member of the artists movement "De Jongeren" (1941–1942) and of the "Drentse Schilders" (1947–1953). In 1954 he was co-founder of the "Drents Schilders Genootschap".[3]

Later life[edit]

In 1985 he was awarded the Cultural Prize of Drenthe. The Drents Museum in Assen held a retrospective of his work in 1988.[4]

Themes and style[edit]

Musch made oil paintings and watercolors and his subjects include landscapes and portraits in naturalistic-impressionistic style. He also worked as a lithographer and illustrator of books, including "Kinderen in verstand en boosheid",[5] by the writer Piet Keuning [nl].


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