Every Time We Say Goodbye (film)

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Every Time We Say Goodbye
Every Time We Say Goodbye Film Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Moshé Mizrahi
Produced by Sharon Harel
Jacob Kotzky
Written by Moshé Mizrahi
Rachel Fabien
Leah Appet
Music by Philippe Sarde
Distributed by TriStar Pictures
Release dates
November 14, 1986
Running time
95 min.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $278,623

Every Time We Say Goodbye is a 1986 drama film starring Tom Hanks and Cristina Marsillach. Hanks plays a gentile American in the Royal Air Force, stationed in mandatory Jerusalem, who falls in love with a girl from a Sephardic Jewish family.

The movie has the unusual distinction of being partly in the Ladino language; as of July 2006, there were only five movies in the entire Internet Movie Database that are even partially in the Judeo-Spanish language, Ladino.[citation needed] Much of the film was shot on location in Israel, mostly in Jerusalem.[citation needed]


David (Hanks) is an American pilot who joins the Royal Air Force (RAF) before the United States enters World War II. After his plane is shot down in North Africa, he recovers from a leg injury in Jerusalem, and meets a serene Jewish girl of Spanish descent (Cristina Marsillach). The two are attracted to each other but she is convinced that their diverse backgrounds mean it could never work because of her family's disapproval and the fact that he is a gentile son of a Protestant minister. Although they keep running into each other in the small community, they find themselves parting as frequently as they find each other. Every Time We Say Goodbye is the story of a forbidden love, religious/cultural differences and the sacrifices that are made in the face of prejudice.

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