Everybody's Trucking

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"Everybody's Trucking"
Dad's Army episode
Episode no.Series 7
Episode 1
Directed byDavid Croft
Story byJimmy Perry and David Croft
Produced byDavid Croft
Original air date15 November 1974 (1974-11-15)
Running time30 minutes
Episode chronology
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"The Recruit"
Next →
"A Man of Action"

Everybody's Trucking is the first episode of the seventh series of the British television sitcom Dad's Army. It was originally transmitted on 15 November 1974.


Mainwaring's platoon have to signpost the route for a military convoy passing through the area. However, an abandoned steam roller and fairground organ trailer are blocking the route, which threatens to plunge the convoy into chaos.


In the church hall yard, Jones is showing off his newly restored butchers' van to the platoon. Mainwaring arrives with some very important news: three battalions of regular troops are to move into the Walmington and Eastgate areas as part of the divisional scheme, and as the signposts have been removed, the platoon have been asked to signpost the route to allow the convoys to pass through safely.

En route, they find the road blocked by an abandoned steam roller and fairground organ trailer, and a note from its driver reveals that he has gone to get some coal. Rather than wait for him to return, Mainwaring decides to drive around the vehicles. Whilst doing so, Jones's van gets stuck in the mud and before long it is joined by Hodges' van, his motorbike and side-car (driven by the Verger) and a coach carrying the Vicar and pensioners on a day trip (who take the opportunity to dance to the organ when Pike who is trying to move the trailer accidentally starts it up). With time running out, it falls to Godfrey's Auntie Elsie to save the day and divert the convoy.



  1. This episode was mainly shot on location in the Stanford Battle Area in Norfolk, with the exception of the first scene in the church hall yard, which was shot at BBC Television Centre in West London.
  2. According to Dad's Army: The Story of a Television Legend, the bird song heard in the episode is in fact the whistling of actor Felix Bowness, who played the coach driver.
  3. The fairground organ which plays the Can-Can in this episode was built by the German firm of Wellershaus, and can be seen and heard at the Thursford Collection in Norfolk.

Radio episode[edit]

"A Jumbo-Sized Problem"
Dad's Army episode
Episode no.Series 3
Episode 60
Story byHarold Snoad & Michael Knowles
Produced byJohn Dyas
Original air date ()
Running time30 minutes
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Recruit"
Next →
"The Cricket Match"

When this episode was adapted for radio, Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles made significant changes to the script. The most significant change was that rather than being held up by a steam roller, the platoon is held up by a circus truck, containing one elephant.