Everybody Needs Love (Marvin Gaye song)

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"Everybody Needs Love"
Song by Marvin Gaye
from the album Here, My Dear
Released 1978
Recorded 1977
Genre Soul
Length 5:48
Label Tamla
Songwriter(s) Ed Townsend
Marvin Gaye
Producer(s) Marvin Gaye
Here, My Dear track listing

"Everybody Needs Love" is a 1977 song recorded by American soul singer Marvin Gaye and issued on the singer's confessional 1978 album, Here, My Dear. Though most of the songs on the album were based on a mostly antagonistic view of Marvin's first wife, Anna Gaye, a few songs like this stood out which discussed how everybody needed love. Co-composed with "Let's Get It On" co-writer Ed Townsend, the song was based on a religious theme and was switched around by Marvin in certain areas including the lyrics And my father/he needs love/that's true, baby/and I need love too hinting at the tempestuous relationship between Marvin and his minister-father Marvin, Sr. The song's musical background was also used to introduce the album on the title track.


  • All vocals, piano and synthesizers by Marvin Gaye
  • Drums by Bugsy Wilcox
  • Bass by Frank Blair
  • Guitar by Gordon Banks
  • Trumpet by Nolan Smith

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