Everybody Rides the Carousel

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Everybody Rides the Carousel
Directed by John Hubley
Produced by John Hubley
Faith Hubley
Written by John Hubley
Faith Hubley
Music by William Russo
Hubley Studios
Distributed by Hubley Studios
Image Entertainment (DVD)
Release date
Running time
72 min.
Country United States
Language English

Everybody Rides the Carousel is a 1975 independent animated film about the stages of life. It was directed by John Hubley and written and produced by Hubley and his wife Faith. Among the cast are Meryl Streep, Dinah Manoff, and Lane Smith and other members of the Hubley Family.



  • Alvin Epstein

Stage 1[edit]

  • Judith Coburn
  • Ray Hubley
  • Lou Jacobi
  • Lane Smith
  • Eleanor Wilson

Stage 2[edit]

  • Georgia Hubley
  • Linda Washburn
  • Maura Washburn
  • Michael Washburn

Stage 3[edit]

  • Emily Hubley
  • Bruce E. Smith
  • Jane E. Smith

Stage 4[edit]

Stage 5[edit]

  • Jo-Carroll Dennison

Stage 6[edit]

Stage 7[edit]

Stage 8[edit]

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