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Everyday Edisons is an American reality TV series that airs on PBS, featuring different inventors who are trying to launch their inventions in the marketplace. Created by Louis Foreman and Michael Cable, the show's first casting calls were held July 2005 in Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia and sought to find 12 inventors for the show to follow the development, manufacture and marketing of their inventions and pay the inventors royalties on the sale of their product or concept.[1] The show premiered on April 22, 2007 on PBS,[2] an American broadcast television network, and was marketed as "a reality series featuring 14 first-time inventors who surrendered their ideas to product developers to prove a point: The big dreams of little people can make a difference."[2] The show is produced by Everyday Edisons, LLC under license from Edison Nation Holdings, LLC (formerly Bouncing Brain Productions, LLC) of Charlotte, North Carolina.[3]

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