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Skins episode
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 9
Directed by Adam Smith
Written by Bryan Elsley
Original air date 22 March 2007
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"Tony and Maxxie"
Skins (series 1)
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"Everyone" is the final episode of the first series of the British teen drama Skins. It was written by Bryan Elsley and directed by Adam Smith.[1] It first aired on E4 in the UK on 22 March 2007.[2] It is not told from the point of view of any characters but in a third-person narrative, a first for the show.


It's Anwar's 17th birthday. He receives a call from his best friend Maxxie, who wishes him a happy birthday. Anwar invites Maxxie to his party. Maxxie declines, however, saying he will only go if Anwar tells his very strict Muslim parents that Maxxie is gay. Anwar declines and begins his day by being told off by his father for missing prayer, and having to put up with his annoying uncle from Sutton Coldfield.

In the meantime, Tony sadly watches his sister Effy head off to her new school, local independent school with fellow pupils such as shallow, unstable Abigail Stock for company. Chris is put-out, too, when his girlfriend (and psychology teacher), Angie's fiancé, an Australian weatherman named Merve, turns up. Chris is furious at Angie for her infidelity, and something strikes him about Merve, but he can't quite put his finger on it.

Sid attempts writing a love letter to Cassie, but gives up and decides instead to go see her at the hospital, leaving the love letter on his desk. Putting on the first clothes he could find, Sid marches to the private psychiatric hospital in mis-matched clothes with odd shoes and socks and tells the nurse he "needs to speak to someone" and that he has "stuff going on", and finds himself detained against his will into a padded cell.

Cassie, meanwhile, writes Sid a letter saying she is moving to Elgin that night and leaves the hospital with her bulimic friend.

Michelle meets Effy and asks her why she doesn't ever speak and why Tony hurt her. Later that day, Chris breaks into Angie's house and is horrified to find countless photos of her and Merve, and an engagement ring. He pockets the ring, and watches a video of Merve doing the Australian weather forecast, assuming from Merve's camp mannerisms that Merve is gay. Angie and Merve show up and Chris apologises for breaking into her house, but taunts Merve about his supposed hidden sexuality.

Anwar's uncle is DJing for the birthday party; unimpressed with the tacky disco music, Anwar complains. His dad initially tells him his uncle should DJ because he has proper ear for music so that Anwar's English friends don't burn the place down, however, once out of earshot of Anwar's mother, he confesses that Anwar's uncle is an "arsehole" and notes grimly that while he's DJing, he can't grope women. Anwar then expects to get the best birthday present ever as a friend of his sisters' shows interest in him. He begins kissing her, but leaves to gossip to Maxxie, who is waiting outside. While begging Maxxie to come inside, Anwar's dad comes outside and the two boys confess to Maxxie being gay. Anwar's dad doesn't seem to mind and invites Maxxie inside regardless.

Tony and Effy rescue Sid from the hospital, bring clothes with them, and they take him to find Cassie, assuming she'll be at Anwar's birthday party. Sid arrives at the party at roughly the same time as Merve, who demands his ring back off Chris. Chris gives the ring to Angie, who gives it back to Merve, turning down his proposal, but also breaking up with Chris. A fight breaks out in the club between the English and the Australians.

Tony finds Cassie outside and gives her Sid's love letter. He then tries to call Michelle, who is crying in the bathroom. Struggling to find a good connection, Tony walks out onto the road and is hit by a bus, directly in front of Effy. Sid leaves the club to find Cassie and meets her by her favourite spot in the city, where she tried to commit suicide.


Main Cast[edit]

Arc significance and continuity[edit]

  • Tony is hit by a bus, causing him to regress in the next season
  • Effy witnesses Tony being hit by a bus
  • Tony tells Michelle he loves her, which causes her to engage in self-destructive behaviour.
  • Cassie leaves Bristol to move to Scotland.
  • Angie leaves Chris, Merv and Bristol.
  • Maxxie and Anwar reconcile when Anwar tells Istiak that Maxxie is gay.



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