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Everyone Deserves a Roof (EDAR) is an American nonprofit organization located in Los Angeles, California that was founded by Peter Samuelson, a philanthropist and film producer.[1] The organization provides shelter to the homeless with the "EDAR unit," a purpose-specific, special four-wheeled enclosed device reminiscent of a covered shopping cart.[2]

Samuelson conceived EDAR after interviewing homeless people along his recreational bicycling route in L.A. The EDAR unit was designed by college students in response to a contest Samuelson sponsored at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. The contest challenged participants to make improvements on the cardboard boxes homeless people frequently occupy. Students Eric Lindeman and Jason Zasa created a design[3] that features a metal tube frame, four lockable wheels, closable wire baskets at either end, and a waterproof canvas body along with reflective stripping.

EDAR is the first campaign of Splashlife.com, a new youth engagement organization started by Melissa Helmbrecht.[citation needed]


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