Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

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"Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me"
Single by TISM
from the album The White Albun
ReleasedJuly 2005
FormatCD single
GenreAlternative rock, power pop
Labelgenre b.goode
Songwriter(s)Peter Minack, Damian Cowell, John Holt, Eugene Cester, James Paull
TISM singles chronology
"Honk If You Love Fred Durst"
"Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me"

"Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" is a song by the Australian alternative rock band TISM. It was the only single off The White Albun (2004). The single wasn't released commercially in Australia. It was, however, distributed to Australian radio stations, and signed copies were made available to fans attending the Popcorn Taxi session with the band in 2004 (hosted by John Safran). The real names of the TISM members are revealed on the back of this single.

Adrian Ringin of MediaSearch felt it was "a decent song, not the greatest song in the world, and isn’t even the greatest TISM song in the world – or this album."[1]

TISM held a competition for the general public to create a music video for the track, which was won by Bernard Derriman.[1] After the video became popular via the internet, 2005 saw the single's commercial release in Germany; which peaked in the country's top 100 singles chart.[2]

The remix by Laurence Maddy is called the Radio Edit on the promo CD and simply Remix on the German maxi single.


Snapshot of the "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" Flash animation.

Perhaps better known is the Flash animation by Bernard Derriman, which features the song. The video was chosen from a multitude of entrants in a competition. The winning entry was a cartoon featuring rabbits with numbers printed on their chests, which indicate the number of times this particular rabbit has had sex. The main bunny wears the number 1, hence the song. Other rabbits of various ages and appearances are shown, some with surprisingly high numbers. Most versions of the video feature a buxom female bunny wearing the number 1,718, and in the Radio Edit's video, a male rabbit with a jaded expression and a horseshoe moustache (possibly meant to be a porn star) claims an impressive 10,419. Despite the singer's lament, one bunny is shown who has had even less sex: the rabbit who plays the keyboard solo, wearing a balaclava (as TISM did while performing) and bearing a number of 0.

At the end of the video, when a chorus of bunnies emerges, all singing the final chorus, asking "Does everybody else get that feeling?," one is presented tongue-in-cheek with the number 3.5 on his chest. This is followed by scenes of the main rabbit posing in suggestive or comedic positions, ending with the rabbit in tears.

Derriman's flash animation was nominated in the Music Video category at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival for 2005.[3][4]

Track list[edit]

1."Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" (Radio Edit)3:02
2."Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" (Album Version)3:53
3."Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" (Remixed by Laurence Maddy)3:11

The data track contains the music videos for the original version and Laurence Maddy's remix and four More Sex themed wallpapers in 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions.

The Australian promo only contained the Laurence Maddy remix (labeled as the Radio Edit) and the two music videos.


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