Everyone to La Moneda

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Everyone to La Moneda
Tod@s a La Moneda
Leader Marcel Claude
Founded March 2013 (2013-03)
Ideology Socialism,
Politics of Chile
Political parties

Everyone to La Moneda (in Spanish: Todos a La Moneda, stylized Todxs a La Moneda or Tod@s a La Moneda) is a political movement created in 2013 to support independent candidate for president of Chile Marcel Claude. Todxs a La Moneda is composed by Izquierda Unida and the Humanist Party of Chile, for the presidential election of 17 November 2013.

The coalition is participating as an electoral pact in the regional advisors election of 2013, although, in the parliamentary election, the Humanist Party is appearing as a unique list, as only pacts with two or more legally constituted parties are accepted. As a consequence, several members of the movement, including Claude,[1] adhered Todxs a La Moneda in an instrumental way.


Todxs a La Moneda aims to "create a free society", which is the main focus (or axis) of Marcel Claude's presidential candidacy. Eight more goals have been proposed by the humanists and Claude, which are "essential to the Chilean society": "political constitution and democracy; deconcentration and decentralization of the State; diversity, human rights, discriminated majorities; native people; economic development: economy, work, productive development and social security; social politics: health, education, cultural development, housing; foreign policy and towards Latin America; environment and energy."[2]


Name Occupation
Michely Bravo General coordination
Tomás Hirsch Spokesman
Salvador Muñoz Spokesman
Francisco Carreras Spokesman
Eduardo López Spokesman
Carla Amtmann Spokesman
Karen Hermosilla Spokesman
Adrián Barahona Communications coordinator
José Robredo Press coordinator
Andrea Huaiquimil Social networks coordinator
Leticia García Program coordinator
Jorge Ramírez Territorial coordinator
Camilo Navarro Schedule
Alexis Meza Political board coordinator


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