Everything's Jake

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Everything's Jake
Promotional poster for Everything's Jake
Directed by Matthew Miele
Produced by Chris Fetchko
Written by Matthew Miele and Chris Fetchko
Starring Ernie Hudson
Graeme Malcolm
Willis Burks
Phyllis Diller
Doug E. Doug
Stephen Furst
Robin Givens
Lou Myers (actor)
Lou Rawls
Debbie Allen
Music by Christopher North
Cinematography Anthony Jannelli
Edited by Noelle Webb
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date
September 25, 2000
Running time
93 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Everything's Jake is a 2000 drama film distributed by Warner Bros. The movie marks the feature writing and directorial debut of Matthew Miele, along with his producing/writing partner, Chris Fetchko. Aside from the film title referring to the main character, it is also a slang expression from the Roaring Twenties in the United States, meaning "everything is good order".


Within the most storied city in the world lives Jake (Ernie Hudson), a homeless man who calls all of Manhattan his home. Jake discovers Cameron (Graeme Malcolm), a man down on his luck and sleeping in a tree in Central Park.

Taking Cameron under his wing, Jake teaches him how to survive on the streets. Jake's friendship with Cameron winds up threatening Jake's way of life, a life no one ever thought could possibly exist, lived with heart and spirit, and a charming embrace of the city. In this heartwarming and beautifully-shot film, homelessness is shown in a new light, illustrated with a stellar performance by Ernie Hudson, alongside a number of star-studded cameos.


Critical reception[edit]

"Ernie Hudson delivers a consummately warm and satisfying performance." — Variety

Film festivals/awards[edit]

2000 Atlantic City Film Festival — Grand Prize — Full Feature
2000 Santa Barbara International Film Festival — Burning Vision Award — Special Mention
2006 Big Apple Film Festival — Festival Prize — Best Feature

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