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Studio album by
ReleasedJune 1990 (1990-06)
Faye Wong chronology
Shirley Wong
You're The Only One

Everything (no Cantonese title) is a 1990 Cantonese album recorded by Chinese Cantopop singer Faye Wong when she was based in Hong Kong and recording under the Cantonese name: 王靖雯 Wong Ching Man (Shirley Wong).[1]

The title song is a Cantonese version of Jody Watley's 1989 hit of the same name. "Wailing Wall" is a cover of Marilyn Martin's 1988 B-side "Quiet Desperation".

Track listing[edit]

  1. 巴黎塔尖 (Baa Lai Taap Zim) - Paris Eiffel Tower Tip
  2. "Everything"
  3. 遊蕩 (Jau Dong) - Roaming
  4. 可否抱緊我 (Ho Fau Pou Gan Ngo) - Can You Hold Me Tight
  5. 鬥快說笑話 (Dau Faai Syut Siu Waa) - Competing To Joke Quickly
  6. My Loneliness
  7. 哭牆 (Huk Coeng) - Wailing Wall
  8. 無悔今夜 (Mou Fui Gam Je) - No Regrets Tonight
  9. 一剎那 (Jat Saat Naa) - In A Flash
  10. 激流 (Gik Lau) - Upstream
  11. 巴黎塔尖 (Baa Lai Taap Zim) - Paris Eiffel Tower Tip (Reprise)


  1. ^ Stan Jeffries Encyclopedia of world pop music, 1980-2001 2003 p224 "Her first album for the new company, Shirley Wong, released in November 1989, featured synthesized pop dealing with love and loss. Within a year she released two other albums, Everything (June 1990) and You're the Only One (December 1990), focusing on similar material. Thereafter Wong, disappointed at the lack of interest her music was creating, moved to New York to stay with relatives and enrolled in singing and dancing classes. "