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Everything Will Be OK is the title of a hard-cover folio format book and full-length DVD published in 2005 in Italy. It is primarily a collection of videos, animations and print-specific artworks by artists working in and around the internet and is published by This is a magazine [1](about nothing). It is the fourth book from a series of experimental publications by Donnachie, Simionato & Son.[2]

Adrian Shaughnessy, chief-editor of Varoom Magazine (UK) said “This is not a book, it is an event. Like Helmut Newton’s book-with-table, or the repackaging of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine in a suitcase-with-wheels, ...it is more like a portable multi-media exhibition than a book...Donnachie/Simionato have created a publishing phenomenon.”[3]


Included with each copy of the book is the DVD of the same title containing original time-based artworks and video. The book also contained a plastic devil's horn (corna) lucky charm bookmark, a sealed sugar-cube, and a pink latex balloon printed with the words "Everything will be OK".

The DVD contains a number of easter eggs viewable by moving left twice then pressing play when selecting Augustin Gimel's film title from the index. It also has a hidden sub-titles track which when viewed becomes a second layer of black silhouettes for the video Holes in Between by Donnachie/Simionato with original music by the avant-garde band Starfuckers. An archive of This is a magazine online editions from 2002 to 2004, including the Everything will be OK Powerpoint episode is accessible from the DVD-ROM section.


An associated net art called EverythingwillbeOK.com[4] comprising a video-loop of an inflatable stick figure has been maintained since 2004.


The Everything will be OK project, including the original video DVD and hard-cover book is part of the KIOSK collection, Christoph Keller's[5] touring art publications archive, now a permanent collection of the National Art Library in Berlin,[6] and has been exhibited at the ICA (USA),[7] the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art Rotterdam (Rotterdam),[8] Artists Space (NY), the Emily Carr Institute (Vancouver), and Mudam (Luxembourg), among others.

Selected exhibitions[edit]