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The everything bagel can have a wide variety of toppings.

An everything bagel is a popular type of bagel, allegedly invented by David Gussin,[1] that includes a large variety of toppings; the exact ingredients depend on the vendor.[2][3]

The bagel itself is usually made using a standard recipe; but instead of only one topping, it is topped with a mixture of every bagel topping used in the bakery. Poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion flakes,[4] garlic flakes, pretzel salt, and pepper are all popular toppings that most vendors use on an everything bagel. The everything bagel inspired other bread creations with similar toppings, such as everything bagel chips, everything croissants, everything rolls, everything roti, everything fusilli, and everything hot dog buns.[1] It is offered by many bakeries and fast casual restaurants such as Tim Hortons.


Novelty bagels at newly opened Everything Bagel in Paramus

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