Everywhere That I'm Not

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"Everywhere That I'm Not"
Everywhere That I'm Not by Translator US vinyl 1982.jpg
US vinyl single
Single by Translator
from the album Heartbeats And Triggers
Length4:03 (album version)
3:46 (single version)
Songwriter(s)S. Barton
Producer(s)David Kahne

"Everywhere That I'm Not" was a hit single for San Francisco group Translator in 1982, from the Columbia/415 album Heartbeats And Triggers.

It is said by many fans and critics that the band's signature song was mourning the loss of John Lennon,[1] but this is a mistaken claim.[2] The band's memorial to Lennon was actually another of their songs; the similarly titled "Everywhere", from the same album this single comes from. Coincidentally, the songs' producer, David Kahne, would later produce records for Paul McCartney.[3]

The song was a hit on US college radio but achieved only moderate commercial success. Lamenting this, musician and critic Scott Miller wrote: "From the jazzy, almost dissonant opening riff to the absolutely unforgettable chorus, this is one of music's most glaring should-be-classics."[4]


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