Evgeny Tarelkin

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Evgeny Tarelkin
Evgeny Tarelkin XXVI Planetary Congress 2013 01.jpg
RKA Cosmonaut
Nationality Russian
Status Active
Born (1974-12-29) December 29, 1974 (age 42)
Chita Oblast, Russia
Other occupation
Rank Captain, Russian Air Force
Time in space
143 days 16 hours 15 minutes
Selection 2003 TsPK-13 Cosmonaut Group
Missions Soyuz TMA-06M (Expedition 33/34)
Mission insignia
Soyuz-TMA-06M-Mission-Patch.png ISS Expedition 33 Patch.png ISS Expedition 34 Patch.png

Evgeny Igorevich Tarelkin (Russian: Евгений Игоревич Тарелкин; born December 29, 1974) is a Russian cosmonaut. He was selected as part of the TsPK-13 group in 2003.[1]


Tarelkin graduated from the Yeysk Air Force School in 1996 and the Gagarin Air Force Academy in 1998 before rising to the rank of Captain in the Russian Air Force.

Cosmonaut career[edit]

He served in the Air Force until his selection as a cosmonaut as part of the TsPK-13 selection group in 2003, completing basic training in 2005.[2] Tarelkin made his first flight into space in October 2012 as a member of the Soyuz TMA-06M crew, during which he spent six months aboard the International Space Station as part of the Expedition 33/34 crews and returned on March 16, 2013.[3]


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