Evil Laugh

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Evil Laugh
Directed by Dominick Brascia
Produced by Johnny Venocur
Written by Steven Baio
Dominick Brascia
Starring Myles O'Brien,
Dominick Brascia,
Jerold Pearson,
Kim McKamy
Music by David Shapiro
Cinematography Stephen Sealy
Edited by Brion McIntosh
Michael Scott
Distributed by Cinevest Entertainment Group
Baio-Brascia-Venokur Productions
Wildfire Productions
Celebrity Video Presentations
Release date
March 1988
Running time
87 mins
Country United States
Language English

Evil Laugh is an 1986 American comedy horror film directed and starring Dominick Brascia, and co-starring Myles O'Brien, Jerold Pearson, and Kim McKamy. While the plot focuses on a group of medical students attacked by a masked killer while repairing a building over the weekend, the film touched on a tongue-in-cheek approach, with avid Fangoria reader Barney providing the voice of reason.


A decade ago, an orphanage has been rebuilt after being burned down following accusations of child molestation and abuse from the building's custodian, resulting him to a psychotic breakdown leading him to a mass murder. Years later, a group of medical students are brought in by pediatrician-turned doctor to rebuild the building as a foster home, unbeknownst that a masked assailant is within the area and is stalking them.


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