Evil Redux

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Evil Redux
Album cover of Syron Vanes Evil Redux.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 13, 2013
RecordedMixtrak Studios, Sweden
GenreHeavy metal
LabelDenomination Records
ProducerAnders Hahne
Syron Vanes chronology
Property Of..
Evil Redux
Chaos from a Distance
Professional ratings
Review scores
Metal Kaoz7/10 stars[1]
Rocknytt8/10 stars[2]
Rockhard Megazine6/0 stars[3]

Evil Redux is the fifth album from the Swedish heavy metal band Syron Vanes, released in 2013. It was produced by Anders Hahne.


The album was recorded in Anders Hahne's studio between Januari 2012-February 2013. The work method was to write a song and then record it accordingly. This way of working did let us focus on one song at a time and it really helped each song on the album to shine. One important thing was the use of analog equipment before the signal became digitalized. This according to Anders Hahne did make the sound very listenable.

All the songs were mixed and mastered in February 2013.

The final release medium was on CD and also digital files for digital download.


Evil Redux was a statement to get back to the classic Heavy Metal style Syron Vanes are known for. In 2011, Rimbert and Anders discussed how to make the best album in their careers to date and the conclusion was that they have to get back to their roots with classic Heavy Metal. A record with classic songs combined with a thunderous sound was the idea. 16 songs were written and 14 made it to the album. Evil Redux is also the first album Syron Vanes used drop tuning exclusively on the guitars to get a heavier sound. This is also the first time the new drummer Mats Bergentz (Silver Mountain/Mister Kite) appear on a Syron Vanes album.


The album begins with the instrumental piece "Overture" backed up by excerpts from the famous[4] D-Day speech by Franklin D Roosevelt. This was used to connect the album to a war theme. The concept of the album is war and the song "End of The World" mirrors this in its video.


Evil Redux was released on March 13, 2013. The first song revealed was "Race Me To Hell".[5] This song were filmed on video by Tommy Ledberg for the television show "Nitroz Burnout" on Swedish TV4. The second song revealed was "End of The World".[6] A video was also made for this song.

Track listing[edit]

Evil Redux

1."Overture" Anders Hahne01:31
2."Sacrifice"Anders HahneAnders Hahne04:22
3."Only Hell Remains"Anders HahneAnders Hahne04:48
4."End Of The World"Anders HahneAnders Hahne05:13
5."Devil's Dancing"Rimbert VahlstroemRimbert Vahlstroem04:18
6."Hellion Child"Anders HahneAnders Hahne03:05
7."Heaven and Back"Anders HahneAnders Hahne04:19
8."King of It All"Anders HahneAnders Hahne05:06
9."Bringer of Evil"Erik BriseliusAnders Hahne05:47
10."Flyblown World"Rimbert VahlstroemRimbert Vahlstroem04:14
11."God's gift"Anders HahneAnders Hahne04:09
12."Shadows of a Broken Dream"Anders HahneAnders Hahne04:42
13."Race Me to Hell"Rimbert VahlstroemRimbert Vahlstroem03:50
14."Tyrant Angel"Anders HahneAnders Hahne06:06 ...
Total length:01:01:30


Syron Vanes



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