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IndustryAthletic Protective Gear
Founded2006 (2006)
Area served
North America
ProductsOfficial Protective Gear of Major League Baseball
OwnerWilson Sporting Goods, Co.
Number of employees
DivisionsBaseball, Softball, Football, Hockey, Outdoors

EvoShield is a brand that specializes in performance-driven sports protection with multi-sport applications. “The company, which was founded by athletes makes wrist guards, elbow guards, as well as rib and heart protectors. But unlike the rest of the marketplace, which are sold as a one-size-fits-all product, EvoShield uses a proprietary substance that turns a gel into a hardened material and allows consumers to custom fit their protective device”[1]

EvoShield patented “Gel-to-Shell” technology. This material reacts with elements in the air and turns the product from a soft, moldable material to a hard and durable shell. Evoshield was recently acquired by Wilson Sporting Goods, co. a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation in October 2016. Wilson currently manufactures and sells high performance gloves, bats, uniforms, apparel, protective gear, accessories, and player development equipment and training tools through its Wilson Ball Glove, Louisville Slugger®, DeMarini and ATEC brands. The Company will market and sell EvoShield-branded products through its baseball and softball business unit. Wilson will market and sell EvoShield as a stand-alone brand, similar to how it is sold today.


EvoShield was established in 2006[2] under the name All Sports Armour. Initial expertise was derived from a chemist, a cardiologist, and a group of former collegiate and professional athletes. After two years of extensive research, design, field and lab testing, the founders released their impact-dispersing protection to the public in 2007. The boss brand has undergone extensive growth since its inception, and is currently endorsed by several well-known athletes. In 2010, EvoShield increased its visibility with a strong presence in the retail market. Products are widely available at such sporting goods retailers as Dick's Sporting Goods, The Sports Authority, Hibbett Sports, Sport Chalet, and Academy Sports and Outdoors among others.


EvoShield’s protective shields are made of a unique porous composite material that hardens with exposure to air. As the shields harden, they form to the shape of the athlete’s body, creating a custom fit protective guard. The material begins soft and flexible, but the chemical components inside the gel-like pads begin to harden when the shields are removed from the foil bag. In about 20–30 minutes, the once soft pad transforms into a hard and protective guard that is permanently molded to the desired shape.

Results from intensive impact deformation testing have shown that EvoShield products disperse the force of impact better than EVA foam and hard plastic, the most common materials found in sports protection. The results, shown below, are measures of backface deformation. Backface deformation is the effect of a non-penetrating projectile on the rear face of a strike plate. It essentially measures how far an object is allowed to protrude against a protective surface. The extent of allowable deformation set by NIJ is 44 mm.”[3]


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