Evo (Wildstorm)

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Publication information
Publisher Wildstorm Comics
First appearance Gen¹³ Volume 2 #7 (1996)
Created by Jim Lee
Brandon Choi
J. Scott Campbell
In-story information
Alter ego Michael Heller
Team affiliations International Operations
Notable aliases Danielle Heller
Abilities Evo has the ability to transform into humanoid versions of a bat (similar to Man-Bat), a wolf (similar to a Werewolf) or an amphibian.

Evo is a comic book character from DC Comics/Wildstorm Comics. Real name, Michael Heller, was a member of the super human team DV8.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Michael Heller was one of the few young men and women selected to be part of Ivana Baiul's Gen¹³ project at International Operations. Heller gladly agreed to join the program because it, as he put it, " it beats spending eight months in juvie hall."

After becoming fully Gen-Active at Project: Genesis, Michael was gifted with the ability of trans-species morphing. Evo could turn himself into a humanoid bat, wolf or amphibian. He was code named Evo, based on these unique abilities. However, Evo was not of the first group of teens to be made gen-active by Ivana. After Ivana had lost her first group to John Lynch and a well played escape effort, Evo was drafted into Ivana's next group, known as the Deviants.

Already a troubled young man before being drafted into the Deviants, life on the team only fueled Evo's darker impulses. He expressed the desire to urinate on things to mark it as his, though it is not known if he actually did so. Things were only made worse as he became the avoided member of the group, seen as immature and unneeded by many of his teammates. He began to relish killing and the use of drugs, both easily available to him in his new position.

After the end of the DV8 series Evo was captured by the NYPD and sent to the Purgatory Max prison for superhumans in Antarctica for killing a police officer. Finally faced with the consequences of his actions, Evo resolved to try and turn his life around. He got the chance when he helped save the life of the hero Backlash during a riot at the prison.

Evo is currently an ally of Stormwatch, recruited to help rebuild his homeworld.


Evo can shapeshift into a werewolf, a flying bat-like creature, or an amphibious humanoid. In his werewolf form, he has superhuman strength, speed, and senses (tracking scent and enhanced, ultrasonic hearing), as well as claws and fangs. In his bat-like from, he has wings that allow him to fly, with telescopic, UV night vision, 360-degree sonar and parabolic hearing. And in his amphibian form, he can breathe water or air, has incredible swimming ability, and has the senses of underwater sonar and telescopic UV night vision.