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Evoke 2002: Spectators at one of the demoshow rooms watch computer animations in 3D.

Evoke is the second largest demoparty held annually in Germany (the largest being Revision).

Since 1997, Evoke takes place in the region of Cologne and is organized by Digitale Kultur e.V. Each year this computer festival attracts visitors from around the world and is known for high-quality entries in their competitions. Attendees of Evoke tend to appreciate its "familiar feeling"; contrary to other demoparties such as Assembly, almost every visitor knows everyone else.

Like some other demoparties, Evoke has a motto each year. The location, the competitions and other things have to match it. (2003: "Zoo3", 2004: "digital playground")

In 2004, Evoke expanded to open up to the public with the Evoke Netlabel Night, where several prominent netlabels performed live. This add-on event was meant to cross over and draw in visitors who were not previously familiar or involved with the demoscene. This kind of sub-event is being continued in 2007 with the Evoke Tracks.

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