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Evolab is a Denver, Colorado-based cannabis extraction company founded in 2011 by Alex Cahoj. Evolab also manufactures and distributes personal vaporizer devices. Evolab is a Colorado licensed retail and medical marijuana product manufacturer. The company has developed and distributes an array of products formulated with CO2 extracted cannabis oil. According to BDS Analytics sales data reported in Forbes, Evolab was the second largest producer of legal cannabis vape oils.[1]

Evolab was founded in 2011 by Alex Cahoj.[2][3] Initially a medical marijuana company, Evolab expanded into Recreational Adult Use sales following the passage of Colorado Amendment 64. In 2015, Evolab topical "Angel Salve" won best topical in the 2015 High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup.[4] Evolab developed Alchemy, a pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil.[5] The company partnered with a Canadian extract company.[6]

In 2017, the company appointed Noel Palmer, Ph.D. as Chief Scientist.[3] The current CEO is Nicole Smith.[7] At Evolab, Palmer developed CBx Sciences, a branch of vaporizer and topical products to support the endocannabinoid system.[3]


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