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Origin San José, Costa Rica
Genres Rock en Español
Alternative rock
Music of Costa Rica
Years active 1997–present
Website Official Website
Members Balerom

Evolución, (English: Evolution) a band that hails from San José, Costa Rica, started out in 1997. Their members originated in the underground alternative rock movement that struck the country in the early 90's. They released "Musica para Sentir" (1997) their first album and quickly caught on to the local rock festivals. An immediate fan-favorite band, they released Absorbiendo la Magia (2001). Their break-through album "Mundo de Fantasia" (2003), was one of the top selling albums in Costa Rica for that year. Their video for "Voy por Ella" had huge success and great national exposure. "Digalo" (2004) helped consolidate the band's fan base and exposure through several videos for this album. In 2005 released "Sentimiento Antisocial" an album sound-alikes of demos from 1995-1998. Two of the band's members, Balerom and Moldo are now also solo artists.

Their latest album, "Amor Artificial" (2007) became the 3rd best selling album in Costa Rica in 2007, and it was released mid-year. This album shows a more mature band, with much more musical diversity and great melodical tunes.


Studio Albums[edit]

Year Album information
1997 Música Para Sentir (English: Music to feel)
2001 Absorbiendo la Magia (English: Absorbing the Magic)
2003 Mundo de Fantasia (English: Fantasy World)
2004 Dígalo (English: Say It)
2005 Sentimiento Antisocial (1998 Demo Soundalikes) (English: Anti-social feeling)

(In smaller letters in the bottom of the cover of the album: "...PORQUE LA LEY EN COSTA RICA PROTEGE AL DELICUENTE [English: because the law in Costa Rica protects the criminals.])

2007 Amor Artificial (English: Artificial Love)

Evolucion's Discography available for Digital Download