Evolution (Subhumans EP)

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EP by Subhumans
Released 1983
Recorded 29 January 1983
Genre Punk
Label Bluurg Records
Producer Subhumans
Subhumans chronology
The Day The Country Died
Time Flies... But Aeroplanes Crash

Evolution is the fourth extended play released by the anarcho-punk band Subhumans. It was also the band's first vinyl release on their own label, Bluurg Records (bar the "Wessex '82" split EP). The EP was also released as part of the 1985 "EP-LP" compilation, which compiles the band's first four EP's onto a single record.

Track Listing[edit]

1 "Evolution"

2 "So Much Money"

3 "Germ"

4 "Not Me"


  • Dick Lucas - vocals
  • Bruce - guitar
  • Grant - bass
  • Trotsky - drums
  • Nick Lant - cover artwork
  • John Loder - engineer