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Evolution is a party game for both children and adults. It can be played either indoors or outdoors, although because of the movement involved, it usually requires a large amount of space.

In Evolution, participants go through several different stages of evolution, until finally becoming human. Each stage is distinguished by a pattern of movement. The stages can be, for example:

  • Amoeba: moves the arms in a swimming motion, making sucking noises.
  • Cockroach: snaps the palms or fingers like claws, making clicking noises with the teeth.
  • Rabbit: holds the fingers to the side of the head like ears and chirps.
  • Gorilla: bangs the fists on the chest and bellows.
  • Human.

All participants start out as amoebae. When two participants in the same stage meet each other, they may engage in game of rock-paper-scissors. The winner evolves one stage further, whereas the loser devolves one stage back (unless he/she already was an amoeba). Upon becoming a human, a participant is out of the game. The game necessarily ends with one person remaining in each of the sub-human stages, at which point the game is over.