Evolution of Infectious Disease

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Evolution of Infectious Disease
Evolution of infectious disease Paul Ewald.jpg
Author Paul W. Ewald
Language English
Subject Evolutionary biology
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date
December 1, 1993
Pages 320
ISBN 0-19-506058-X
OCLC 27221612
616.9/0471 20
LC Class RC112 .E93 1994

Evolution of Infectious Disease is a 1993 book by the evolutionary biologist Paul Ewald. In this book Ewald contends the traditional view that parasites should evolve toward benign coexistence with their hosts. He draws on various studies which contradict this dogma and asserts his own theory that is based on fundamental evolutionary principles. This book provides one of the first in-depth presentations of insights from evolutionary biology on various fields in health science, including epidemiology and medicine.