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Pre-Schengen Greek border checkpoint exit stamp from Evzoni.

Evzonoi (Greek: Εύζωνοι, pronounced [ˈevzoni], before 1927: Ματσίκοβο - Matsikovo,[1] Greek pronunciation: [maˈt͡sikovo], Macedonian: Мачуково, Bulgarian: Мачуково, Machukovo[2]) is a town in Kilkis regional unit in Central Macedonia, Greece. The main border crossing between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia is located here. The Republic of Macedonia town opposite Evzonoi is Bogorodica, in Gevgelija municipality. The Greek Motorway 1 from Athens, which is part of the European route E75, ends here.

Between 13 and 14 September 1916, during the Salonika Campaign, the King's Liverpool Regiment and Lancashire Fusiliers stormed and took the village which was held by German forces. But the village was too exposed to the enemy's artillery fire, and the British were forced to retreat.[3]

The border crossing to the Republic of Macedonia


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Coordinates: 41°6′N 22°33′E / 41.100°N 22.550°E / 41.100; 22.550