Ewa Agoyin

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Ewa Agoyin
Aganyin Beans with Plantain and Meat.jpg
Alternative namesEwa Aganyin
TypeStreet food
CourseSide Dish, Snack
Place of originNigeria
Main ingredientsBlack Eyed Beans, Bell Pepper, Black/Cameroon Pepper, Onion

Ewa Agoyin[1] (also spelled Ewa Aganyin) is a street food commonly eaten in Lagos and other southern states of Nigeria.[2] The beans are made to be extremely soft or mashed.[3] It is commonly eaten with barely ground pepper and tomato sauce which is very spicy,[4] but peppery. It has a local name of 'Ewa G'. Additional ingredients can include palm oil, onion and crayfish.

It is commonly eaten with bread, which makes it very satisfying. A common slang phrases is "ewa G go block belle", meaning ewa aganyin will fill your stomach. It is a popular food for Nigerians as it is both delicious and very filling.

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