Ewa Paradies

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Ewa Paradies
Biskupia Gorka executions - 18 - Paradies.jpg
Ewa Paradies hanged
Born(1920-12-17)17 December 1920
Died4 July 1946(1946-07-04) (aged 25)
Biskupia Górka, Gdańsk, Poland
Cause of deathExecution by Hanging
OccupationGuards of the Stutthof concentration camp
Criminal statusDead
Criminal chargeSadistic abuse of prisoners.
PenaltySentenced to death

Ewa Paradies (17 December 1920 – 4 July 1946) was a Nazi concentration camp overseer.

The execution of guards of the Stutthof concentration camp on 4 July 1946. Paradies is second from left.

In August 1944 she went to Stutthof SK-III camp for training as an Aufseherin. She soon finished training and became a wardress. In October 1944 she was reassigned to the Bromberg-Ost subcamp of Stutthof, and in January 1945, back to Stutthof main camp.[citation needed]

In April 1945 she accompanied one of the last transports of women prisoners to the Lauenburg subcamp and fled. After she was captured, she was a defendant in the Stutthof trial. One witness testified:

She ordered a group of female prisoners to undress in the freezing cold of winter, and then doused them with ice cold water. When the women moved, Paradies beat them.[citation needed]


For this and other brutalities, including causing the deaths of some prisoners, she was sentenced to death. She was publicly executed by short-drop hanging on 4 July 1946 with 10 other Stutthof guards and kapos (five women and six men total); she was the last of the women to hang.[citation needed]

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