Ex Drummer

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Ex Drummer
Ex drummer.jpg
Screenshot from Ex Drummer
Directed by Koen Mortier
Produced by Koen Mortier
Eurydice Gysel
Written by Herman Brusselmans
Koen Mortier
Starring Dries Van Hegen
Norman Baert
Music by Arno Hintjens
Flip Kowlier
Flip Kowlier
Distributed by CCCP(Belgium)
Release date
  • 7 November 2007 (2007-11-07)
Running time
90 min.
Country Belgium, Italy, France
Language Dutch

Ex Drummer is a 2007 Flemish film directed by Koen Mortier.[1] It is based on the book by Herman Brusselmans of the same name.


In Ostend three handicapped musicians are looking for a drummer for their band, consisting entirely of disabled people. They want to perform only one time at a music competition. They want famous writer Dries to be their drummer and his handicap is the fact that he cannot play the drums. They only plan on mastering one song; Devo's "Mongoloid."

For Dries this is an opportunity to get some inspiration for a new novel and he accepts the offer. The band members decide to call the band The Feminists, because four handicapped musicians are just as worthless as a group of feminists. In the contest they have to compete against the band Harry Mulisch, also led by a writer with the nickname Dikke Lul (fat cock in English).

As the story goes on Dries becomes more and more obsessed by his new novel and he tries to manipulate the band members and tries to find their weak spot.



The music of The Feminists was in fact performed by Belgian band Millionaire and the Harry Mulisch song was sung by Belgian singer Flip Kowlier.[2]

  1. Lightning Bolt – "2 Morro Morro Land"
  2. Madensuyu – "Papa Bear"
  3. An Pierlé & White Velvet – "Need You Now"
  4. The Tritones – "Chagrin De La Mer"
  5. Mogwai – "Hunted by a Freak"
  6. The Experimental Tropic Blues Band – "Mexico Dream Blues"
  7. Flip Kowlier – "De Grotste Lul Van't Stad"
  8. Millionaire – "Mongoloid"
  9. Isis - "In Fiction"
  10. Isis – "Grinning Mouths"
  11. Arno Hintjens – "Een Boeket Met Pissebloemen"
  12. Augusta National Golf Club – "People in Pairs"
  13. Mel Dune – "Time Hangs Heavy on Your Hands"
  14. Ghinzu – "Blow"
  15. Funeral Dress – "Hello from the Underground"
  16. Millionaire – "Deep Fish"
  17. Blutch – "Moving Ground"[3]


The real sex scenes were performed by hired porn actors.


The film received mixed reviews ranging from very positive to very negative. The film currently holds a rotten rating at Rotten Tomatoes with 44% of the critics giving it positive reviews. In Belgium it caused some controversy due to the violence and explicit sex in the film.


  • Fant-Asia Film Festival
    • won Jury Prize Best First Feature-Koen Mortier
  • Raindance Film Festival
    • won Jury Prize Debut Feature-Koen Mortier
  • Warsaw International Film Festival
    • won Special Jury Award-Koen Mortier
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival
    • Tiger Award-Koen Mortier


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