Exaltación de la Cruz Partido

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Exaltación de la Cruz
Partido de Exaltación de la Cruz
location of Exaltación de la Cruz Partido in Buenos Aires Province
location of Exaltación de la Cruz Partido in Buenos Aires Province
Coordinates: 36°19′S 57°40′W / 36.317°S 57.667°W / -36.317; -57.667
Country Argentina
Established October 25, 1864
Founded by provincial law 422
Seat Capilla del Señor
 • Mayor Adrián Sánchez, PJ
 • Total 662 km2 (256 sq mi)
 • Total 29,805[1]
Postal Code B2763, B2764, B2812, B2814, B6703
Area Code 02323, 02322
Patron saint Nuestra Señora. de los Dolores
Website http://www.exaltaciondelacruz.gov.ar

Exaltación de la Cruz Partido is a partido in the north-east part of Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.

The provincial subdivision has a population of 29,805 inhabitants[1] in an area of 662 km2 (256 sq mi), and its capital city is Capilla del Señor, which is 80 km (50 mi) from Buenos Aires.

It is bounded by the Zárate, Campana, Pilar, San Antonio de Areco, San Andrés de Giles and Luján partidos.


The latest information obtained in the 2010 census points out that the partido has a population of 29,805 inhabitants.[1]

  • 1991 population : 17,072 inhabitants
  • 2001 population : 24,167 inhabitants


1527 - Don Sebastián Gaboto, discoverer of the lands that are now the Exaltación de la Cruz Partido, baptizes the Paraná de las Palmas river as such on Palm Sunday that year, to exist in its banks profusion of palm trees and palms which were used in that celebration.

1536 - Don Pedro de Mendoza founded the city of Buenos Aires for the first time.

1580 - Don Juan de Garay, from Asunción of the Paraguay, founded Buenos Aires for the second time to reaffirm the rights of the Spanish Crown against Lusitanians expansionist intentions. One of the measures to implement this territorial defense is the distribution of lands or lots of small farms, making the 24 October of the same year between 25 neighbors who had accompanied him in the final founding of Buenos Aires. In 1580, near to the second foundation of Buenos Aires, the fields of the partido used to make up "Pago de la Cañada de la Cruz".

1614 - The Compañía de Jesús is established on lands of present districts of Exaltación de la Cruz and Zárate, initiating livestock resource exploitation and control of the goods from the north. In addition to the small farm production, the Jesuits founded a harbor and a school.

1730 - Don Francisco Casco de Mendoza, first in his family to settle in these places, does build in one of his fields along the Cross Creek, a chapel for private devotion. It would be located in the present yard and parsonage.

1735 - The September 14, day the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, the ecclesiastical authority raises to the Casco de Mendoza´s chapel to the viceparish category, freeing public worship in 1750.[2]

1750 - 1760 - The town of Capilla del Señor is constituted around the viceparish, fulfilling the Real Pragmatic of the King Charles III, which commanded to "all inhabitants rurally dispersed should approach a religious centre for their children to be educated in Christianity and in the first few letters".

In 1772 Casco sells the land surrounding the church where today lays the "Capilla del Señor" town, capital of the "Exaltación de la Cruz" partido.

1784 - The Illustrious Cabildo "Justice and Regiment" orders the creation of the Cañada de la Cruz Partido, former name of these places. The boundaries of this district, are those of the Capilla del Señor Parish.

1785 - January 1 is designated the first authority exclusive and own of the district. Don Francisco Remigio Casco de Mendoza, grandson of the owner of the original oratory.

1854 - Zárate gets autonomy.

1855 - Campana gets autonomy. As a result of the creation of these new districts, Exaltación de la Cruz becomes in mediterranean territory, failing to collect taxes for merchandise entered via Zárate and Campana harbors.

Localities of the partido[edit]

  1. 1st Cuartel Capilla del Señor
  2. 2nd Cuartel Los Cardales
  3. 3rd Cuartel Pavón
  4. 3rd Cuartel Arroyo de la Cruz
  5. 3rd Cuartel Parada Orlando
  6. 4th Cuartel Parada Robles
  7. 4th Cuartel El Remanso - Parque Sakura
  8. 4th Cuartel Etchegoyen
  9. 5th Cuartel Parada La Lata - La Loma
  10. 6th Cuartel Diego Gaynor
  11. 7th Cuartel Gobernador Andonaegui
  12. 7th Cuartel Chenaut