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ExamDiff Pro
ExamDiff Pro Icon
ExamDiff Pro Icon
Developer(s) PrestoSoft
Stable release / July 17, 2015; 22 months ago (2015-07-17)
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, 8, 2012, 8.1
License Shareware
Website www.prestosoft.com/edp_examdiffpro.asp

ExamDiff Pro is a commercial software utility for visual file and directory comparison, for Microsoft Windows.

ExamDiff Pro has a double-pane view that allows side-by-side comparisons, with color-coded line numbers indicating whether each line is added, deleted, or changed. ExamDiff Pro can compare text and binary files, and directories.



ExamDiff, from the same company, is a freeware program that compares text files.[1]

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