Ukrainian Catholic Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Donetsk

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Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Donetsk
Coat of arms of Donetsk–Kharkiv (UGCC).svg
Coat of arms of Donetsk
Country Ukraine
Territory Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhya Oblasts)
Headquarters Donetsk (temporary in Zaporizhya), Ukraine
- Catholics

Sui iuris church Ukrainian Greek Catholic
Rite Byzantine
Established January 11, 2002
Cathedral Catholic Cathedral in Donetsk
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk
Metropolitan Archbishop Stephan Meniok, C.S.S.R., Exarch of the Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Donetsk

The Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Donetsk was established on 11 January 2002 from the Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Kyiv – Vyshhorod (which has now become the Ukrainian Catholic Major Archeparchy of Kyiv-Halych) as the Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Donets’k – Kharkiv. The current, and first, archiepiscopal exarch is Bishop Stephan Meniok, C.S.S.R.. It is one of the only five archiepiscopal exarchates which exist in the world - all of them being Ukrainian Rite.

In 2 April 2014 the Exarchate was splited as Ukrainian Catholic Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Donetsk and Ukrainian Catholic Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Kharkiv.

Status as Archiepiscopal Exarchate[edit]

Church of the Holy Mother of God
Further information: Exarch

As Major Archbishops have similar authority to that of Patriarchs, Archiepiscopal Exarchates similarly have roughly the same status in canon law as Patriarchal Exarchates.

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