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Excelan Inc
Industry Computer Networks
Fate Acquired
Successor Novell Inc
Founded 1982 (1982)
Founder Kanwal Rekhi, Inder Singh and Navindra Jain
Defunct 1989 (1989)
Headquarters San Jose, California, U.S.
Key people
Kanwal Rekhi, (CEO)
Products Network hardware
Revenue US$65,860,000 (1988)
US$5,459,000 (1988)

Excelan was a computer networking company founded in 1982 by Kanwal Rekhi, Inder Singh and Navindra Jain.[1] Excelan was a manufacturer of smart Ethernet cards, until the company merged with, and was acquired by Novell in 1989. The company offered a line of Ethernet "front end processor" boards for Multibus, VMEbus, Q-Bus, Unibus, and IBM AT Bus systems. The cards were equipped with their own processor and memory, and ran TCP/IP protocol software that was downloaded onto the cards from the host system. Excelan offered software that integrated the cards into a variety of operating system environments, including many flavors of UNIX, RSX-11, VMS, and MS-DOS. The hardware and software were sold under the "EXOS" brand. In 1987, Excelan also acquired Kinetics, a small networking company that manufactured and sold a variety of Ethernet networking products for Apple Macintosh environments, most notably an AppleTalk-to-Ethernet gateway called the FastPath.

Excelan also manufactured and sold Ethernet network analyzer products, the first being the Excelan Nutcracker, followed later by the Excelan LANalyzer.[2]


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