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Excello Records was an American blues independent record label, started by Ernie Young in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, in 1953 as a subsidiary of Nashboro, a gospel label.[1]


It recorded such artists as Lonnie Brooks, Lightnin' Slim, Slim Harpo, Charles Sheffield, Roscoe Shelton, Lazy Lester, the Kelly Brothers, Lonesome Sundown, Martin Luther King, Silas Hogan, Arthur Gunter, Marion James, Carol Fran, Blue Charlie, Warren Storm, Robert Garett, Clarence Samuels & his Blazers, Tabby Thomas and Maceo and All the King's Men.[1]

Arthur Gunter recorded an answer song to Eddy Arnold's country and western song, "I Wanna Play House With You". His song, "Baby Let's Play House", was covered by Elvis Presley.[2]

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