Excelsior Recordings

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Excelsior Recordings
Founded 1996
Founder Ferry Roseboom, Frans Hagenaars
Distributor(s) V2 Records
Genre Various
Country of origin Netherlands
Location Amsterdam, Brooklyn
Official website excelsior-recordings.com

Excelsior Recordings is an independent record label located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Excelsior was founded by Ferry Roseboom and Frans Hagenaars under the name "Nothing Sucks Like Electrolux", releasing a few limited-run seven inch singles in 1995.[1] The name Excelsior was adopted in 1996 after the label was acquired by MCA Records as a subsidiary for releasing alternative rock albums in the Low Countries.[1] By 2001 the label had acquired a distributor in the United States, Sure Fire Recordings.[2] The label was later acquired by V2 Records.[3]



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