Exceptional Service Medallion

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"Exceptional Service Medal" redirects here. For the NASA award, see NASA Exceptional Service Medal.
Exceptional Service Medallion
Awarded by Central Intelligence Agency
Country United States of America
Eligibility Employees of the Central Intelligence Agency
Awarded for "For injury or death resulting from service in an area of hazard."
Next (higher) Intelligence Commendation Medal
Next (lower) Hostile Action Service Medal
Related Purple Heart, Defense of Freedom Medal

The Exceptional Service Medallion (formally known as the Exceptional Service Emblem) is a civilian decoration of the United States government. It is awarded by the Central Intelligence Agency in recognition of "an employee's injury or death resulting from service in a hazardous area."[1]


John Anthony Celli III[2]

Johnny Micheal Spann

James A. Rawlings[3]

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