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exchange4linux server suite
E4l logo long.jpg
Developer(s) Neuberger & Hughes GmbH
Type Groupware
Website Official site

exchange4linux is a collaborative software solution that provides email- and webmail server, common address book, calendar, notes and tasks. It is designed to integrate with Microsoft Office Outlook and third-party tools like PDA-sync or Duplicates Remover for Outlook. It is meant as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Small Business Server.

The product is no longer available for download from the official site. Product support ended in October 2007.

The community-supported open source project exchange4linux is developed by Neuberger & Hughes GmbH, located in Plochingen, Germany.

exchange4linux server suite 3.x, the commercially supported version of exchange4linux, contains all features in the open source version, a web-based administration frontend, support and software maintenance, optionally with Kaspersky Viruswall and Easy PDF Service.


exchange4linux provides its groupware functionality by connecting the Linux-based server with Outlook clients. The communication between server and client is based upon free SWAP technology. Simple Workgroup Access Protocol provides handling and availability of groupware information. It can be used to transfer Workgroupdata, design own Webfrontends or connectors for other Workgroup Clients.

Outlook clients can connect securely to the exchange4linux server via VPN or HTTPS.

exchange4linux is available as an ISO image and as source code.


Groupware functions such as:

  • Common Addressbook
  • Corporate Calendar
  • Notes and Tasks
  • Personal Folders / Public Outlook Folders
  • Full Offline Folder functionality
  • Permissions for every User and Folder configurable
  • Meeting invitation and free/busy option
  • E-Mail with POP / IMAP or Webmail
  • PDA synchronization
  • Spamfilter / Spamblocker
  • Autoresponder
  • Fileserver
  • Faxserver (ISDN Faxcard needed)


  • Antivirus Service
  • Easy PDF Service
  • Helpdesk & Support

Current State[edit]

On Sep 2006 Neuberger & Hughes GmbH started a cooperation with the former competitor Zarafa. Support for Exchange4Linux is abandoned, and Zarafa is intended to supersede Exchange4Linux.

Neuberger & Hughes GmbH offers a migration from Exchange4Linux to Zarafa.

The official support ended in Oct 2007. The web page was closed after this.

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