Exchange Lifeguards

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Exchange Lifeguards
Exchange Lifeguards.jpeg
Directed by Maurice Murphy
Produced by Phillip Avalon
Written by Phillip Avalon
Starring Christopher Atkins
Julian McMahon
Elliott Gould
Martin Cruden
Music by John Capek
Cinematography Martin McGrath
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
Country Australia
Language English
Box office A$3,634 (Australia)[1]
Movie poster in America

Exchange Lifeguards is a 1992 Australian-American comedy film[2] directed by Maurice Murphy and starring Christopher Atkins, Julian McMahon and Elliott Gould.[3] The american title is Wet and Wild Summer!


A property developer wants to take over an Australian beach for a high rise resort. He sends his son to Australia to check out the situation, posing as an exchange lifeguard. He falls in love with a woman who owns the land his father needs for the development and finds himself sympathising with the locals.


  • Christopher Atkins as Bobby McCain
  • Julian McMahon as Mick Dooley
  • Rebecca Cross as Julie Thomas
  • Vanessa Steele as Charlene
  • Elliott Gould as Mike McCain
  • Richard Carter as Al Eastman
  • Amanda Newman-Phillips as Kylie
  • Christopher Pate as Richard Gray
  • Lois Larimore as Donna McCain
  • Brian M. Logan as Terry
  • Mark Hembrow as Max
  • Peter Gow as Tishi
  • Anthony Lawrence as Clint Eastman
  • Ann Brisk as Annie McCain


In her review of the film Marsha Porter describes the film as a "vulgar Aussie version of Frankie-and-Annette beach movies" and as "sexist, badly acted, and buffoonish".[4]

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