Exclusive Audio Footage

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Exclusive Audio Footage
Studio album by Clipse
Recorded 1996–1999
Genre Hip hop
Length 68:26
Label Elektra Records
Producer The Neptunes
Clipse chronology
Exclusive Audio Footage
Lord Willin'

Exclusive Audio Footage is the unreleased debut studio album from Virginia hip hop duo Clipse.[1] Despite being unreleased, the album spawned one single, "The Funeral" prior to the album's cancellation. Promotional CD and vinyl copies exist and the album has been leaked online on several occasions. In 2004 counterfeit vinyl pressings of the album were released.[2][3]


Exclusive Audio Footage was meant to be the debut album of Clipse, after they signed with Elektra Records.[4] The album's first and only single was "The Funeral". It failed to catch on in any meaningful way, and their label, Elektra Records, decided to indefinitely shelve the album. Clipse were released from their record contract not long afterwards. At the time of the album's release Clipse member Pusha T was known as "Terrar" and No Malice was known as "Malice".[5][6]

Exclusive Audio Footage also marks the beginning of the Clipse's recording partnership with The Neptunes. Most of the album's content is very similar to the Clipse's following albums Lord Willin' and Hell Hath No Fury, focusing on their drug dealing pasts, though it was much more "theatrical" and "movie-esque" than either of their following albums.[7]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks produced by The Neptunes

Exclusive Audio Footage — Unreleased bootleg track listing.
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Prayer"       1:03
2. "Hear Me Out"       2:55
3. "Power"       3:58
4. "Interlude"       1:18
5. "You Don't Even Know" (featuring Kelis and Pharrell)     4:06
6. "Breakfast in Cairo" (featuring Kurupt and Noreaga)     4:10
7. "Interlude"       1:40
8. "Hostage" (featuring Tammy Lucas)     4:25
9. "Wild Cowboy" (featuring Markita)     4:16
10. "Got Caught Dealin'" (featuring Pharrell)     4:17
11. "Interlude"       0:14
12. "Taiwan to Texas" (featuring Pharrell)     4:08
13. "Interlude"       0:15
14. "Stick Girl"       4:00
15. "You Can't Touch Me" (featuring Lee Harvey and Nako)     4:54
16. "Feel Like Me" (featuring Pharrell)     3:43
17. "Bodysnatchers" (featuring Pharrell)     4:50
18. "Diana Ross"       4:23
19. "Watch Over Me"       4:02
20. "Interlude"       2:17
21. "The Funeral"       3:32
Total length: