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An exclusive ride time session on the Grand National

Exclusive ride time (ERT)[1] is a term used to refer to time set aside by an amusement park to allow a club or group exclusive use of one or more amusement rides. Exclusive ride time sessions may be scheduled outside of park operating hours or amusement park may close off the attraction(s) to the public during operating hours.

Exclusive ride time can be given out to roller coaster enthusiast groups (one of the most notable is American Coaster Enthusiasts), although parks may also hire out ride(s) for private functions or open a new ride to passholders or members of the press prior to opening to the public.

One of the most historic examples of private ride hire was Elvis Presley's renting out the Libertyland amusement park so that he, friends, and family could ride the Zippin Pippin roller coaster in privacy.[2]

An amusement park may offer exclusive ride time to visitors who stay in on-site resorts. Disney, for example, brands this as Extra Magic Hours and provides both time before opening and after closing to allow guests to experience a selection of park attractions.[3]